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Employment Potential in Figures

Experiences from Germany:

A recent study by the German government looked at the employment effects of the renewable energy market in Germany. 

In the renewable energy sector as a whole, Germany saw an increase in FTE RE jobs from 157,000 to 214,000 between 2004 and 2006 (representing a 36% increase over the previous year, and a 50% increase since 2004). In the biomass sector, the increase has been even greater from 57,600 to 91,900 in the same time period, which is a 59% increase. In this 2 year period the biomass sector has eclipsed wind energy in terms of full time equivalent jobs. The graph below shows that biomass is a lucrative business in Germany, reaping 9.1€ billion, which represents 40% of all renewable energy turnover in 2006. 

Employment Figures for Developing Countries:

The employment as report from Domic, J. et al (2005) “Socio-economic drivers in Implementing Bioenergy Projects”, Biomass & Bioenergy, shows the importance of bioenergy in developing countries. The objective is to increase the efficiency of this biomass utilisation, with better technology and application so they get the most out of the biomass available and to grow biomass at a sustainable rate which is not overtaken by consumption.

Country Estimated Employment Description and Nature of Employment
India 3-4 million The woodfuel trade is the largest source of employment in the energy sector
Philippines 700,000 (production) 140,000 (trade) Biomass energy production and trade
Ethanol Industry
Charcoal Industry
Kenya &Cameroon 30,000 Charcoal production only
Ivory Coast 90,000 Charcoal production only