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  • Unite all the manufactures, installers and dealers engaged in the activity of Solar Hot Water and Solar Photo Voltaic System in the State Of Maharashtra.
  • Interacting and Coordinating with central Ministry MNRE, State ministry, and state Nodal agencies in creating awareness Amongst general people to adopt the use of Solar Systems. Propagating the use of solar Systems as a clear source of energy and energy saving device. Interacting and coordinating with the Central Ministry in formulating user-friendly policies.
  • Conducting and Catalyzing of training programmers for the Interested groups likes installers plumbers, marketers Coordinating and cooperating with other industry associations and chambers of Commerce for modifying and altering, policies which are detrimental to the growth of the industry.
  • Interacting with various Nationalized and cooperative Banks which are involved in the interest subsidy scheme.
  • MASMA has started major international co-operation activities with third countries such as China, Brazil, the Russian Federation or Latin American and Caribbean countries.