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Solar Thermal Energy Systems

Solar thermal Energy Systems Are most economically viable application of solar energy. They have considerable impact on mitigating the CO2 emissions. A single 100 Liter Per Day (LPD) capacity domestic solar water heating system results in saving of 15000 units of electricity. 

The Solar Thermal Energy Systems offer payback in less than three years for domestic application where as any commercial/ industrial application will get the payback in 18 months. On account of negligible maintenance cost, the systems offer returns of upto 50 times of the initial investment over the life time. 

Other Solar Thermal Energy applications include

  1. Solar cooking
  2. Solar Drying
  3. Solar Evaporation system
  4. Solar Desalination
  5. Solar Evaporative cooling
  6. Solar space heating

Solar Photovoltaics

The solar PV systems as they are known offer the best eco-friendly option for power generation either as a stand by source or even stand-alone source in remote areas. All the space shuttles operate on solar PV energy is the best proof of its reliability.

How ever the payback is little longer in the range of 4-6 years. We can expect the SPV systems becoming more affordable in the near future.