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MASMA (Maharashtra Solar Manufacturers Association) is

  • Uniting all the manufacturers, installers and dealers engaged in the activity of Solar Hot Water and Solar System in the State Of Maharashtra.
  • Interacting and coordinating with Central Ministry MNRE, State ministry, and State Nodal Agencies in creating awareness amongst general people to adopt the use of Solar Systems.
  • MASMA Interacting with various nationalized and cooperative banks which are involved in the interest subsidy scheme.
  • Conducting and catalyzing of training programmers for installers, plumbers, marketers coordinating and cooperating with other industry associations and Chambers of Commerce for modifying and altering, policies that are detrimental to the growth of the industry.
  • Also conducting various webinars and programs for a new product launch.
  • MASMA Association members create awareness of solar systems as a clear source of energy and energy-saving device.
  • MASMA is all equipped to act as a single platform to offer its premium services for all its members on all aspects of the solar value chain.
  • Providing technical support, imparting training and recruitment, Giving knowledge through Seminars, workshops, and training programs, and extending support to aspects related to solar policies and legal clarifications. This multi-flavored association intends to work towards the removal of barriers to solar power development and capacity addition in the country and to ensure increased investment in this sector.
  • MASMA also maintains an excellent rapport with the central and state agencies such as MNRE, MEDA, State DISCOM, and Energy regulatory commission.

Major Focus Area:- Technical support, policies, and regulation support, Promotion of trade, Corporate social responsibilities activities–to ensure penetration into the power-deprived rural areas.




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