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About Us

Our Objective

MASMA (Maharashtra Solar Manufactures’ Association)

  • Uniting of all the manufacturers, installers, and dealers engaged in the activity of Solar Hot Water and Solar System in the State Of Maharashtra.
  • Interacting and coordinating with Central Ministry MNRE, State ministry, and State Nodal Agencies in creating awareness amongst general people to adopt the use of Solar Systems.
  • MASMA Interacting with various nationalized and cooperative banks which are involved in the interest subsidy scheme.
  • Conducting and catalyzing of training programmers for installers, plumbers, marketers coordinating and cooperating with other industry associations and Chambers of Commerce for modifying and altering, policies that are detrimental to the growth of the industry.
  • Conducting various webinars and programs for a new product launch. MASMA Association members create awareness of solar Systems as a clear source of energy and energy-saving device.
  • MASMA is all equipped to act as a single platform to offer its premium services for all its members on all aspects of the solar value chain. Providing technical support, imparting training and recruitment, Giving knowledge through Seminars, workshops, and training programs, and extending support to aspects related to solar policies and legal clarifications. This multi-flavored association intends to work towards the removal of barriers to solar power development and capacity addition in the country and to ensure increased investment in this sector.
  • Masma also maintains an excellent rapport with the central and state agencies such as MNRE, MEDA ,State DISCOM, and Energy regulatory commission.
Ethical Standard’s
  • Every member should realize that he represents MASMA as an Organization.
  • Member should be transparent about the technology offering to customers.
  • Reasonable pricing & quality standards.
  • Ethical practices among business competitors should be maintained.

President’s Message

I am honored to be the incoming President of MASMA and I want to acknowledge the leadership and support provided by our board members and past presidents. I am excited to welcome the new board directors, new and renewing members. There is a definite common urge to see advancements in solar energy's future. MASMA is the right vehicle to add fuel to this while delivering value to each and every member.

I'm proud of MASMA successes over years, particularly in providing more opportunities for our members. In the year ahead, we will continue these initiatives, as well as adding furthermore training and awareness to promote solar energy, aligning the interests of both solar promoters and consumers to harness maximum solar energy and events held in collaboration with other organizations and regional chapters.

We can take this organization, which has come this far, further by joining our forces and moving towards the same goal. To overcome the challenges we face, we need to our knowledge and act more organized. Everyone who contributes to this sustainable sector should gather under the roof of the MASMA. We would like to invite not only business, EPC who are working in this field to be active members of MASMA but also collaborations with different organizations working for climate change. May the power from our collaboration get stronger for our future generation, our state, our country...

All of the MASMA is focused on enriching your experience as members, so if you have an idea, suggestion, or would like to get involved, feel free to reach out to me, any of our board members/leaders.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Rajesh Mutha

Mission Masma
To coordinate with government agencies like.
  • MNRE & SECI central govt authorities.
  • MEDA Head office & Regional offices.
  • MSEDCL Local & Regional offices.
  • Municipal Corporations.
  • MASMA membership above 500 Members PAN Maharashtra.
  • Recognition of MASMA activities by Central & State Authorities.
  • Active role of MASMA in making policy decisions with government authorities.
  • Formation of the task force to interact with MEDA & MSEDCL to have the easy implementation of Solar rooftop programmers.
  • MASMA's own offices & infrastructure.
  • Interaction with Govt. Authorities for a favorable & reasonable subsidy policy for end users.
  • Provide knowledge, business, and employment.
  • Draft quality specifications as per government guidelines & quality standards.
  • To set benchmark prices for solar systems as per the MNRE guidelines.
Duties and Responsibilities of Directors
  • Broadening the number of MASMA members.
  • Conduct monthly meetings.
  • Interact with MEDA, MSEDCL, and Government officials as and when required.
  • Conduct at least ONE SPONSORED knowledge series lecture in one quarter.
  • Organize Solar Exhibitions at Regional levels.
  • Training of Manpower for Solar Sector.
  • Take prior sanction for major expenses from HO.
  • Send expenses to HO on monthly basis.
  • Send minutes of the meeting along with the number of members present during the meeting to HO.
  • Resolve members grievances locally under guidance from HO.